DLM Motors | MOT
Local, professional garage in Padstow providing vehicle servicing and repair, tyres, wheel alignments, and more. MOT test centre.
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MOTs test a large number of car parts to ensure they meet the legal requirements for roadworthiness.


Body and Vehicle Structure

These are tested to ensure they are free from damage and corrosion, and to ensure there are no hazardous parts, such as sharp edges.


Inspected for secureness and condtion.

Fuel System

This will be checked for leaks and condition.

Exhaust System and Emissions Testing

Exhaust emissions must meet the rules for that age and type of vehicle. The exhaust system will also be checked to ensure it is secure, complete and includes a catalyst.


There must be the mandatory number of seatbelts, all in working condition and securely attached. The Malfunction Indicator Lights on the dashboard will be checked.


Seats must be securely fitted and able to be fixed in the upright position.


Front doors must open from inside and outside the vehicle, and all hinges and catches are secure and in good condition.


Brake condition will be checked, including their operation and performance, including any ABS or ESC that is fitted.

Tyres and Wheels

The technician will check for condition, security, tread depth, and that the size and type are suitable for the vehicle.

Registration Plates

These must be in good condition, attached securely, and using permitted colours and character font.


Lights must be operating correctly, headlamp aim must be correct, and the main beam warning light should be working.

Windscreen and Wipers

The windscreen must be in good condition and provide the driver with a clear view of the road. Wipes and washers must work correctly.

Steering and Suspension

These are checked for condition and operation. Warning lights for power steering and steering lock must work correctly.


The vehicle must display a single Vehicle Identification Number, except in the case of multistage build vehicles (van conversions etc).


Visible wiring is checked, as is the battery.