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Local, professional garage in Padstow providing vehicle servicing and repair, tyres, wheel alignments, and more. MOT test centre.
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We cater for all fixes and repairs for all makes and models of car as well as light commercial vehicles.

We provide


Properly functioning brakes in your vehicle are essential to motoring safety. DLM Motors caters for brake fixes and repairs of all shapes and sizes on any make and model of car in our fully equipped garage full of professional mechanics.


The symptoms of a faulty clutch include difficulty in changing gear, hearing a grinding noise when changing gear and a loss of acceleration despite high engine revs. If your vehicle appears to be suffering from any of these or you want to have your clutch checked out to be on the safe side, bring it to DLM Motors where we’ll carry out any repairs your car may need.


The exhaust system is a very important component of the vehicle, which directs noxious gases away from the cabin and makes sure your car is being as fuel efficient as possible, so it’s vital that the exhaust is in perfect working order. At DLM Motors, we can check the condition of the exhaust system and carry out any repairs in order to ensure the smooth running of your vehicle.

• Welding
• Timing Belts
• Pre MOTs

Pre Engine Checks

• Check Vehicle History
• Check Timing Belt Interval Replacement
• Check Damage to Bodywork, Lamps, Trims & Oil Level
• Check Condition & Operation of all Seatbelts
• Check Operation of Interior & Exterior Lights
• Diagnose any Warning Lights on Car
• Check Air Conditioning Operation
• Check Windscreen Wiper & Washers
• Check Horn
• Check Operation of Suspension Dampers
• Lubricate all Door Hinges, Locks & Bonnet Catches
• Check Fuel Cap
• Apply Treatments to Remove Internal Contamination Under The Bonnet
• Check Cooling System Including Fan Operation
• Check & Record Antifreeze Protection
• Check & Record Brake Fluid Protection
• Check Condition of all Drive Belts
• Check Engine Breather System
• Check Vacuum Pipes
• Check Power Steering Operation & Fluid Condition
• Check Throttle Body, Clean if required
• Check Battery Level & Lubricate Terminals
• Check & Top Up all Fluid Levels
• Replace Oil Filter (Included in Price)
• Replace Air Filter (Included in Price)
• Replace Fuel Filter (Price of Part Not Included)
• Replace Pollen Filter (Price of Part Not Included)

Vehicle Raised on Ramp

• Change Oil, Oil Filter & Sump Plug
• Check Fuel Lines & Brake Pipes
• Check the Condition of Exhaust System
• Check & Top Up Axle & Transfer Box Fluid
• Check & Top Up Gearbox Oil Levels
• Check all Steering & Suspension Components
• Carry Out Tyre Report
• Check all Wheel Bearings
• Check CV Gaitors & Joints for Wear & Splits
• Check Clutch Cable/Cylinder
• Grease all Greasing Points
• Check Operation & Condition of Front Brakes
• Check Operation of Rear Brakes, Clean & Adjust
• Carry Out Brake Report

To Finish

• Road Test Vehicle
• Re-check all Levels
• Reset Service Indicators
• Check Car Interior is Clean
• Stamp Service Booklet

If you would like to send us a message or request further information please get in touch with us